About Green Bloc

Many people create a movement

Cities are buzzing with ideas for change. There is a shift to building cities that are resilient to changing climates, growing populations, and ever increasing infrastructure costs. Many governments are keen to embed change into their planning and policy, but need the support of their residents to make real change a reality. At the same time, the pressure to change your lifestyle as an individual can be overwhelming. That’s where Green Bloc Neighbourhoods comes in.

Green Bloc Neighbourhoods aims to fill the gap between individual level and city-level change and forge a strong bloc of neighbours, willing to take action individually and collectively to mitigate climate change and unsustainable levels of consumption, out of a random group of residents who just happen to live in the same neighbourhood.

Together, we can create vibrant, sustainable and joyfully enriched communities in our neighbourhoods.

Green Bloc Neighbourhoods features four main components:

  • Research and measurement of household and neighbourhood ecological footprints
  • Facilitated community dialogue and action-focused discussions
  • Collaborative local greening and sustainability initiatives
  • Activities to build community cohesion and social inclusion